About us


About Us

We are a Colombian Manufacturer Company with over 38 years in the market. Since the beginning we have characterized ourselves for High Quality Standards in our products and personnel.

Our company has equipment of High End technology, as well as an Excellent and Professional personnel dedicated to provide our customers with new, better, and innovative products.


We are a company of the metal forming industry dedicated to manufacture and commercialize automotive parts to satisfy our customer needs. We accomplish this by manufacturing products of excellent quality at a fair price.


In 2018, we will be recognized na- tionwide as a leading company for manufacturing and commercializing automotive parts. The excellent quality of our products and prompt order turn around, will contribute to the permanent growth of the company, and moreover will benefit the country’s economy.

At the end of 2020, we will have stablished business relations with at least 2 Countries of the Americas, to start positioning our brand internationally.

Quality Policy

It’s our promise, Industrias Maher S.A.S, to fabricate and sell automotive parts products with its OEM standards and Customers unique requirements; with competitive prices, with prompt order turn around, and with continue improvement of our procedures.